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Affordable Teen Driving Lessons

We offer a better value for teen drivers. Our instruction packages are accompanied by feedback, and practice test, then we attend your driving test with you. We provide the same car as you used for learning, so you don't need to drive an unfamiliar vehicle.

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Congested City Lessons

Crowded cities can be especially daunting for new drivers. We buildd good driving patterns that create safer roads and better driving experiences. Learn how to identify common driving pitfalls. Build a driving system that ensures you are on the road longer, without incidents. Keep your bumpers shiny and your license free from infractions by driving properly.

Parallel Parking

practice parallel parking with Affordable Driving School in Bucks and Montgomery Counties

Most drivers are concerned with failing their driving test because of parallel parking. There is a reliable way to become a good parallel parking driver. It's simple geometry and using the proper checklist. We take you on the road, to put theory to practice. We demonstrate proper parallel parking then work with you until you are confident and comfortable with the process. It’s not rocket science, but you do need a proper system in order to mitigate a parallel parking maneuver.