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Driving Lessons for Older Drivers

You might have asked yourself "are the roadways getting more congested?", or "are drivers getting worse?". The answer to both questions is yes! We help apprehensive drivers practice for busier roadways, as well. Perhaps you recently moved from a rural area and find yourself needing to travel into larger cities. We can help with that too.

Maybe your doctor or a judge has requested you take a driver re-certification course in order to get back on the road. You might be a capable driver and if so we sure won't badger you. If you need help, on the other hand; that's what we are good at.

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Driving is Independence

reinstate drivers license with Affordable Driving School

You know how to drive; but you have been asked to prove it in order to retain your independence. We won't make you feel bad, we've been through this before.

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Regain driving confidence with paralle parking, merging and city driving

Stay mobile, stay active, stay independent. We help you re-gain driving priviledges and remain vigilent on the roads.