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While keeping prices down Affordable Driving School employees only state-certified instructors. Our instructor Neil Berman has gone through an extensive background check to ensure the safety of our students while they learn to drive. Our Instructor has over 25 years of experience, he will give you the time, patience, guidance and experience to become a safe and efficient driver.

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Affordable Driving School proudly supports all EMT, Dispatch, Fire, Law Enforcement, Military, DoD & their families.

Affordable Driving Schools proudly supporting First Responders, EMT, Fire, Dispatch, LEO, Military DoD, and their families.

About The Founder

Pennsylvania driving instructor Neil Berman is a registered PA EMT with over 20 years of driving instruction experience. Instructor Neil Berman has been serving Pennsylvania Drivers since 1992. As a registered Pennsylvania EMT, Neil has a first hand understanding of the dangers of bad driving, & driving mistakes. Neil has proven to be a patient instructor, with the ability to help apprehensive new drivers conquer their fears, & become safer drivers.Our founder and instructor has over two decades of experience helping drivers be safer on the road.


Family Owned and Operated Driving School, The Berman Family, Wife and Daughters.

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